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Yen Bai in Vietnam’s northern highlands is a place of colour. From the shimmering iridescent golden rice terraces that step down the mountain slopes to the tea fields of green hues that stretch as far as the eye can see across the valleys to the famous ruby gems from the Luc Yen mine the colours of the land and its people will speak to your senses.


Lying along the Red River, Yen Bai in Vietnam’s northern highlands is home to 30 colourful ethnic groups, whose life has remained unchanged for centuries. The terrain is mountainous with rolling hills and sweeping valleys. A complex network of rivers winds its way through the province with many waterfalls.


A land of rugged mountains and a place with much history within its breath taking passes where the scenes of many battles were played out to become Vietnam legends.


Yen Bai province is one of the oldest tea Shan regions with ancient tea trees in upland areas. Shan tea leaves have buds and young leaves as white as snow, hence the term for Shan tea is also known as Snow tea.







  • Winding your way - by whatever means - through Mu Cang Chai’s famed terraced rice fields
  • Relaxing on Thac Ba Lake in Yen Binh
  • Exploring Thuy Tien Cave
  • Visiting Wuling jail in Yen Binh District
  • Taking in the Luc Yen gemstone paintings
  • Relaxing at the Park and Bon Hot Springs in Van Chan District
  • Visiting the An Nghia cultural village Nghia Lo