Experience a land rich in culture, nature and produce



Experience a land rich in culture, nature and produce and get a taste of its history, people and fabulous food.


Picturesque Son La is a land of many riches – its fertile soil and pristine environment, elevations and climate has blessed the province with a prolific dairy industry and world-renown tea. Beautiful tea farms are surrounded by undulating hills.


One of the eight provinces on the Northern Highlands trail, Son La is 300 kilometres from Hanoi along highway 6, From Phu Tho province along Highway 37, from Sapa district along Highway 279 to the Son La. It shares a 250 km border with Laos and is the ideal place to break the journey between Hanoi and Dien Bien Phu. This picturesque province is lush and green and surrounded by soaring mountains. 


It is also one of the most ethnically diverse provinces where many different tribes including Black Thai and white Thai, Mong, Muong, Xinh Mun,… all with distinct, colours, customs and traditions live in harmony. Many traditional ethnic festivals such as independent holidays, Nao Song festival of Mong ethnic, Ban flower festival, Het Cha festival of Thai ethnic, festivalboat racing,… Traditional crafts such as weaving, baskets, pottery Muong Chanh,…



  • Creamy yoghurt stalls on Highway 6, Son La
  • Olong tea farm - Moc Suong Farm, Moc Chau, Son La
  • Village home stay in Chieng Yen, Moc Chau, Son La
  • Hot mineral baths on the outskirts of town
  • French prison - provincail museum Son La
  • Temple Of Le Thai Tong King - Que Lam Ngu Che epitaph
  • Son La hydro-power reservoir
  • Son La market
  • Love market Moc Chau, Son La
  • Chi Day-Nha Nhung caves in Yen Son, Yen Chau, Son La